Campaign launched to tackle additional summer demands

Wednesday 12 August 2020

Police Officer

Often the arrival of warmer weather brings with it more demand on our emergency services.

Mix that with more people socialising and we are seeing an increase in public order and anti-social behaviour related offences in Wiltshire at the moment.

In response, alongside the Chief Constable and the Force, I have launched a summer campaign with the aim of reducing some of these additional demands that we traditionally face at this time of year.

Running for the next six weeks, the campaign will promote a conversation with our communities about how they can best help the police over the summer months, and that includes educating on what is a police matter, and what is not.

The campaign focuses on those crime types that we typically see more of summer than in winter months including hate crime and sexual assault.

We want to work with the public and our partners to not only reduce this demand on officers, staff and volunteers, but to prevent crimes from happening in the first place.

Anti-social behaviour continues to be an ongoing problem across the county, and I know that our Community Policing Teams have dedicated patrols in place to tackle hotspot areas.

Those intent on causing misery and disruption to the community will not be tolerated, and I know that the local authorities will have the full support of the police in clamping down on this behaviour.

Often anti-social behaviour is associated with teenagers, but it is important to remember than anti-social behaviour is an umbrella term for lots of offences, including street drinking, fly tipping, verbal abuse and harassment.

It was inevitable that lockdown would present a number of challenges and frustrations and whilst we should now be making the most of lockdown restrictions easing and spending time with family and friends, we must ensure that we do this sensibly.

COVID-19 is still a very real threat and it will take a real concerted effort from all of us to move towards a Covid-free environment.