How your money is spent

As Police and Crime Commissioner, I am responsible for determining how much money is allocated to Wiltshire Police and to the non-policing services that support my Police and Crime Plan.

The money to provide policing services comes from central government and the local policing precept.  The table below shows how that money is allocated. 


How we spend your money
Local Policing28%
Dealing with the Public6%
Criminal Justice7%
Ops Support6%
Public Protection4%
National Policing1%
Support Functions23%
OPCC Office Cost1%
PCC service commissioning1%
Capital finance / pensions2%

Policing Precept

Total Income

Proposed Expenditure 2018-19

Further Information

More detailed financial information can be found in the Medium Term Financial Strategy on the Finance Documents pages. 

Information about the money spent in collaboration with other forces in the south west can be found on the Collaboration Agreements page